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I just noticed that that article leaves out Bohm's name lost in the obscurity of "codiscovered" for the shift of the interference pattern in what is normally called the "Bohm-Aharonov" effect.

" ... when a physicist named Yakir Aharonov visited the neighboring Boston University. Aharonov, now at Chapman with Tollaksen, was renowned for having codiscovered a bizarre quantum mechanical effect in which particles can be affected by electric and magnetic fields, even in regions where those fields should have no reach.  ... 'Aharonov was one of the first to take seriously the idea that if you want to understand what is happening at any point in time, it’s not just the past that is relevant. It’s also the future" Tollaksen says." - Discover

Tollasken is ignorant here - unaware that Feynman had the idea, so did I.J. Good, Hoyle et-al.