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1) Ansatz – quantum waves, more precisely, the de Broglie-Bohm pilot wave (Quantum Potential) is intrinsically "mental" i.e. "thoughtlike" in sense of Henry Stapp & David Chalmers (Scientific American 1995).

2) Forget "collapse" i.e. Bohm's ontology.

3) No consciousness in quantum theory because of "passion at a distance" or "signal locality" even though entanglement can be nonlocal. No-cloning theorem precludes "qualia". Sub-quantal heat death (no back-reaction) means no life of any kind.

4) Signal nonlocality is necessary for qualia i.e. our conscious experiences. This can be pictured as either Valentini's "sub-quantal non-equilibrium" or my direct back reaction of the classical dynamical degrees of freedom on their pilot quantum potential (or super-potential).

5) "More is different" P.W. Anderson – our conscious physical mind field is a macro-quantum coherent ground state of certain brain collective modes as defined precisely for example in the technical papers of G. Vitiello.

Therefore, that Cal Tech physics prof on Larry King has tunnel vision on this issue and is unfamiliar with the field of physical modeling of consciousness.