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I was with Henry Stapp today and he and I see eye to eye on the same page. Henry said he changed his mind in past few months because of Daryl Bem's data. Henry never even heard of Antony Valentini BTW - he independently now says that Bem's data (and Radin's, Bierman's ...) show violation of "orthodox quantum theory" i.e. what I call "signal nonlocality" and that messages can be decoded nonlocally in the past as I have been arguing.

Doug Hofstatder wrote that Bem's results turn physics upside down. Bem today said he was not the Copernicus of the new paradigm alluding to Bierman, Radin, Libet ... but I say he is the Michael Faraday of the new paradigm.

Also Michael Ibison, Russell Targ & Fred Alan Wolf as well as A. Elitzur were there last two days.

Elitzur agrees with me that Hawking was right the first time and should not have caved in to Gerardus 'Hooft and Lenny Susskind. Like me, Elitzur does not believe in unitarity as absolute. Indeed, I told Stapp and Elitzur at lunch today at USD that "unitarity prohibits novelty" i.e. "novelty" as in Henri Bergson as used by Henry Stapp. Elitzur concurred saying "I'll buy that."

Ibison and I had good discussion on the de Sitter boundary issue - we are converging more.
Before I forget - the Bologna cold fusion and Moddell-Haisch zero point battery patent do not look good - this from a reliable source.

Bem should collect the $1,000,0000 from James Randi who I am told keeps changing the rules and is not honest about his "prize."

Now here is the kicker. I woke up this AM with a dream that I had been shot in the face with a revolver. I almost missed Dean Radin's talk. I came in on the end. Dean told the following story shortly after I came in. "My friend collected guns. He was loading a double action revolver. Something told him not to load the sixth bullet - leaving one empty chamber. Several weeks later one of his drunk friends went berserk and picked up that revolver on the table - pointed it at Dean's friend's face at close range pulled the trigger and of course the gun did not fire since the barrel turned to the empty chamber - that's Novikov loop in time inside a Novikov loop in time. Also, Art Altschuler a retired physics teacher told me and Fred Alan Wolf that he dreamed last night that he fired a revolver at close range into someone's face - i.e. a loop within a loop within a loop.