Jack Sarfatti
The Holographic Universe: Is Our 3D World Just an Illusion? http://bit.ly/nmug5X
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Kathy Sadler Mead Ew, love this theory....I have the Holographic Universe and its a great book for the imagination.
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Leonardo Varesi Great theory! AdS/CFT correspondence and Maldacena conjecture
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Leonardo Varesi I love it too.
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Jack Sarfatti http://stardrive.org/ has been saying this forever on the front page. The new idea from me is that the hologram projector (event horizon) is in our future not in our past. This is the Destiny Matrix.
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Kathy Sadler Mead sounds interesting.
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Jack Sarfatti under statement
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Jack Sarfatti I mean it's the wackiest nuttiest most incredibly stupendous amazing idea in the whole history of human thought! It might even be true.
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Jack Sarfatti The world's religions are based on less when it comes to their pictures of the universe.
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Jack Sarfatti We are coming to an understanding in terms of science and technology not only of how our own consciousness really works but also the Mind of God on the future boundary of spacetime. This is what Hawking talked about at the end of his Brief History of Time.
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