Yes, we are well aware of that entanglement signaling is not possible in orthodox quantum theory. Indeed, the recent exchange between me, Nick Herbert, Ruth Kastner and Paul Zielinski on entangled coherent states seems to extend the validity of Stapp's proof provided that the non-orthogonal terms in the partial trace cannot be controlled from the traced over part of the entangled system.

However, Antony Valentini has suggested a model extending quantum theory that does have entanglement signals, so has Stapp and so have I all independently. Josephson has suggested that it is ubiquitous in living matter. Daryl Bem's data on top of Libet's, Radin's, Bierman's et-al is evidence for Josephson's conjecture. So is the SRI remote viewing.

Whether clairvoyance or precognition even if one could distinguish them, both require entanglement signals if Dean Radin's book "Entangled Minds" is to make sense. Indeed our ordinary consciousness requires it in my opinion.

On the other hand Elitzur points out a violation of the Second Law of Thermodynamics - a serious issue.

I do not understand "nonclassical cooperation" seems a fudge, but as I said I don't get it.

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Hello Jack,

The "Bell experiments without inequalities" of which Elitzur is a master and which
have been presented as classically unbeatable games in a nice review paper at do not enable signaling.  What I point out is
that a viewer with a classical perspective (the perspective that we bring to our
everyday lives), when viewing one such game would probably guess that the quantum
players did have signalling, even though they don't.

A physicist would correct the viewer, and might explain that even though signalling
isn't allowed between players with a spacelike separation, cooperation is allowed,
at least in these special cases.  I believe that "non-classical cooperation" between
the players is an accurate description of an allowed quantum solution to the "magic
square" game.  It is not out of the question that this might somehow apply to PSI

I know that I'm in the tiger's maw here, but I'm really trying to flesh out the case
that the universe (orthodox quantum theory) allows non-classical happenings in our
everyday world even without including or adding a retrocausal element.


At 11:09 AM 7/9/2011, you wrote:
> Thanks John
> I need to think about your thoughtful remarks. However, implicit in your message
> seems to be signal nonlocality which violates consensus notions of orthodox
> quantum theory. For example, see the papers of Antony Valentini as well as Henry
> Stapp's recent ones and my Journal of Cosmology paper Vol 14, April 2011 online.
> I presume you mean signals across spacelike separations? However, those can be
> explained by retrocausality. Also Elitzur claims that faster-than-light signals
> violate the second law of thermodynamics.