is actually arch-conservative a more sophisticated version of Copenhagen. Retrocausality is verboten.
It is at odds with:

1) Bohm's quantum potential

2) Cramer's transaction

3) Aharonov's post-selection.

4) Valentini's extension of QM to include signal nonlocality

5) Stapp's version of Bem's experiments beyond quantum theory.

6) Avshalom Elitzur's version of retrocausality

7) York Dobyns foundational analysis of retrocausality in physics.

Yet Zeilinger has done remarkable experiments, but all involve non-living matter - except for the Schrodinger Tigers that still has not progressed to life.

So, Zeilinger could not explain the retro-causal data of Libet, Radin, Bierman, Bem nor the remote viewing data of Puthoff and Targ et-al.