The recent Leggett-Zielinger collaboration is very important.
Either they are right and Bohm's nonlocal realism is disproven - or the other way around.
Which is it?
Also taking quantum theory to the macroscopic without emergence of local order parameters from spontaneous symmetry breakdown seems wrong.
I mean the reason for no Schrodinger Tigers (the classical world) must be the emergence of macro-quantum coherent local nonlinear nonunitary Landau-Ginzburg dynamics in ordinary 3D + 1 spacetime from the micro-quantum random substratum of nonlocal linear unitary Schrodinger dynamics in 3N + 1 entangled configuration space. When Legget says he does not really believe quantum theory on the large scale he may mean something like what I have just said?
Bell showed both realism (e.g. definite Bohm particle trajectories) and locality together violate statistical predictions of quantum theory.
So either one or the other or both must be wrong.
Leggett beyond Bell shows both must be wrong, i.e. nonlocal quantum surreality.


Of course Zeilinger's very readable philosophe paper is either in ignorance or denial of the body of experimental work

Libet --> Radin-May-Spottiswoode ---> Bierman ---> Bem

Puthoff-Targ RV

PEAR Princeton  & Global Consciousness Project (Roger Nelson)

Antony Valentini on "signal nonlocality" from violation of the Born probability rule that Zeilinger takes as an absolute truth.

Yakir Aharonov retrocausal weak measurement (with signal locality passion at a distance)

Avshalom Elitzur partial measurement (retrocausal entanglement)

on outcome independence of the individual quantum event as well as parameter independence where the statistical pattern is independent of the distant setting.