Secure Quantum Communication and
Superluminal Signalling on the Bell Channel
Remi Cornwall
Future Energy Research Group
Queen Mary, University of London, Mile End Road, London E1 4NS
"A means and protocol is presented to send information on the Bell Channel to achieve the effect of superluminal signalling. The method is to use detection of a photon entangled state as one binary digit and either of the collapsed states as the complement digit – this is the protocol. The means to affect this detection is by use of an interferometer set-up able to resolve two interfering pathways corresponding to the two polarization states of the photon. To achieve interference of the horizontal and vertical components Faraday rotators are used to bring both components into diagonal polarization, this operation is unitary. Modulation is caused by the remote signaller collapsing one aspect of the photon wave function; a physically secure channel sending information superluminally results. A preliminary discussion into the clash and the hopeful resolution with Relativity theory is presented – it is noteworthy that at the instant of transmission between the two stations that there is no transfer of mass-energy to instigate communication but the transmission of a quantum state - pure information only."

There does not seem to be a problem with the polarizing beam splitter.

See the pdf file I just uploaded 7/18/2011 to Library Resources Quantum Computing on the above.
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Subject: 2 SL Papers
arXiv:1106.2258 [pdf, ps]
Title: Is the Consequence of Superluminal Signalling to Physics Absolute Motion through an Ether?
Authors: R.O. Cornwall
arXiv:1106.2257 [pdf, ps]
Title: Secure Quantum Communication and Superluminal Signalling on the Bell Channel
Authors: R.O. Cornwall