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"Yes, I recall the almost endless discussion about localization of gravitational energy and all that.  But the point is that to create the metrics (wormhole or warp drive) that enable the sort of behavior you want, you definitely do need to be able to manipulate the gravitational or inertial mass (take your pick, they're the same thing) to produce the Jupiter mass of exotic matter required to produce the metrics.  If your idea about n in superconductors turns out to be right, perhaps a Jupiter mass won't be required.  But manipulation from normal to exotic in substantial quantities will be required nonetheless.  So talking about manipulating inertial or gravitational mass is indeed central to the solution of the starship problem."
Let's be clear. You need to distinguish the mass of the ship from the mass of the "warp drive fuel reservoir" - so to speak.
The mass of the ship is completely irrelevant! The ship moves along a timelike geodesic that is controlled/manipulated by the "warp drive fuel reservoir" carried on board the ship where
mass of the warp drive fuel << mass of the ship
Now if my (index of refraction)^4 G/c^4 amplification conjecture were to work, and if we could make metamaterial filled capacitors with negative electrostatic--> ELF near field energy densities, then if index ~ 10^10 in the DC --> ELF bands, your Jupiter mass figure for the warp drive fuel is cut down by 40 powers of ten - my key idea!
mass of Jupiter = 1.8987 × 1027 kilograms ---> 10^-13 kilograms
so we don't even need 10^10 index to do the job even 10^7 gets us down to 1/10 kilo of mass-energy equivalent.
On the other hand we have the c^2 factor so we do want the index resonance as big as possible.
Note that 10^-13 kilograms = 10^-10 grams ---> 10^11 ergs ~ 10^4 Joules of electric field energy distributed in a volume V of the ship's warp drive capacitors wrapped around the hull.
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Yes, I am very familiar with the Appendix A and have had this discussion with Zielinski u may recall
i.e. in slow speed limit at least
d^2y^i/dt^2 = -c^2{^i00}  for geodesic path
i = 1,2,3
the important point is that the inertial mass of the star ship cancels out of the "geodesic warp drive" problem.
So attempts to change the inertia (rest mass) of the ship are completely wrong-headed. The goal is to manipulate
{^i00} with low power via perhaps my (index of refraction)^4 effect plus negative static & ELF near field EM stress-energy densities.