Koyaanisqatsi Fahrvergnugen wrote:

<>  Zeena (a quasi Virgil to Alec's Dante) describes
<>  'her people' as interdimensional time travelers
<>  who have been involved with the evolution of
<>  humans for millions of years contemporaneously
<>  in an ongoing conflict relationship with a darker
<>  more de-evolutionary force hell bent on retarding
<>  human growth/enlightenment for arcane purposes.
<>  Zeena expresses surprise and bafflement to Alec
<>  over selective irrational human behaviors like
<>  polluting automobiles and deforestation which
<>  considering the advanced cognition and historical
<>  awareness 'Zeena's people' have of humanity should
<>  be neither baffling or surprising in any way.
<>  Alec writes of the enormous city on the planet
<>  'Haven' his abductor's took him to: "The first most
<>  striking thing about the city was it's neatness
<>  and order; the second, it's immensity. Even from
<>  well up I could not make out the boundaries.
<>  There may well be bigger cities on Earth, but
<>  where I come from this place would be rated big,
<>  VERY big." So apparently the hyper 'green'
<>  environmentally concerned 'Zeena and her people'
<>  are not so naive after all about urban development.
<>  I almost succumbed to buying this book on Linda
<>  Moulton Howe's recommendation alone, but like so
<>  many abduction stories, this one sounds like a
<>  novelist's dream catharsis. By the way, where are
<>  the bathrooms in the Biological Extraterrestrial
<>  Entity's infrastructure, and why don't abductees
<>  ever describe basic bodily functions that are so
<>  ubiquitous in the mundane reality of waking state
<>  consciousness? Could it be that dream states
<>  do not require such facilities? Should the visions
<>  of religious extremists be give equal time to the
<>  inner vision quest of Alec 'Dante' Newald? -=END=-
<>   ________________________________________________

The Exoplanet Characterisation
Observatory (EChO) will be the
 first dedicated mission to
  investigate exoplanetary
   atmospheres, addressing the
    suitability of those planets
     for life and placing our Solar
      System in context.


    "In a Quasi-Parallel Multiverse, in the dimmest
recesses of ancient fore-history, there did manifest
a powerful, quantum computing device, located at
approximately 2/3rd radius along one arm of a spiral
galaxy. A cosmological variation on the double-slit
experiment arose:

    "How about running a near infinite number of
simultaneous interdimensional 'big bang' simulations
with infinitesimal variations in each simulation to
determine the most novel, and long-lived, open-ended
scenario of survival; thereby selecting the specific
'history' of this advantageous pathway over all other
shorter-lived, 'extinction' pathways...?

    "Could sporadic, sentient unhappiness and
suffering throughout the successful pathway be
entirely ruled out?"  http://tinyurl.com/ba5s2



To No0ne In Particular...


 On, or around, Sept, 9th 2001, it was written:

 "...Continuity of Consciousness, by definition,
 presupposes that the perceptive core tracks
 continuously across all parallel realities...
 One femtosecond is to a second as one second is
 to 32.6 million years! The 'Parallel Universe'
 theory (Many-Worlds Theory) is a defunct
 bastardization of an ill-perceived anthropocentric
 misunderstanding of the double-slit experiment,
 [Collapse of a Quantum Wave Function into a
 Measurable Particle w/ History]:
 In the 'Many Worlds' theory of quantum physics,
 popularized by David Deutsch and others,
 ( http://www.qubit.org/people/david/ ), our conscious
 selves inhabit an infinite realm of parallel
 universes: a 'multiverse.' Now, over the many years
 wherein we've all made countless decisions both
 conscious and automatic, and the countless times
 we've all pondered ending our own miserable
 myriad existences, what if we actually did?
 Would it, therefore, seem like a cruel fate for
 consciousness to have no final escape from
 awareness, perception, and embeddedness...?
 And what if it's true?! Whooooooooooshhh!!!!
 Is everyone the same biospheric personage? Are
 we dispersed across an undifferentiated
 light-cone of ultra-dimensional wavelike
 potentiality in nature, and only specified
 in particularity as a 3D lifeform?
 ( http://www.valdostamuseum.org/hamsmith/ManyWorlds.html )
 Who-are-we to suffer such an endless fate?
 And what does it mean?!! What if there is a seamless
 continuity to sentience, so that no matter how
 many times you actually 'die,' your multiversal
 "self" continues uninterrupted?"
 [circa: Sept 9, 2001]  http://tinyurl.com/History1977

 See also:  http://www.eelstheband.com/biography/index.php


READING In-between-the-lines therein,
above, a bit of a crisis, which made
the subsequent events - days later -
seem like a parallel life had been
 embodied as the previous one seemed
  to have possibly evaporated?
Cryptic? Yes, probably... but, point
 being, the MindGland was not so
rigorous in delineating factual data
in a subsequently accurate manner.
 Which is my convoluted, elaborate
 excuse for presuming such erroneous
trans-temporal back-engineered loopy
mentations of multidimensionality!

  Glad to have caught up with your
enormously talented real self? again!

Warmest Regards,

<> "This is the awe-inspiring universe of magic:
<> There are no atoms, only waves and motions
<> all around. Here, you discard all belief in
<> barriers to understanding. You put aside
<> understanding itself. This universe cannot
<> be seen, cannot be heard, cannot be detected
<> in any way by fixed perceptions.
<> It is the ultimate void where no preordained
<> screens occur upon which forms may be projected.
<> You have only one awareness here - the screen
<> of the magi: Imagination!
<> Here, you learn what it is to be human.
<> You are a creator of order, of beautiful
<> shapes and systems, an organizer of chaos."
<> --Frank Herbert  - Heretics of Dune -
[...]   http://tinyurl.com/eyedead


  In terms of spatial ratios, a hypothetical
'super string' is to an atom as a tree is to
the visible universe... AND: In terms of
temporal ratios, a femtosecond is to a
second as a second is to 32.6 million years...
THEN: ...?

A Physicist Explains Why Parallel Universes
May Exist:  [...]   "But there's a more
confounding aspect of quantum theory that
receives less attention.
  After decades of closely studying quantum
mechanics, and after having accumulated a
wealth of data confirming its probabilistic
predictions, no one has been able to explain
why only one of the many possible outcomes
in any given situation actually happens.
  When we do experiments, when we examine
the world, we all agree that we encounter
a single definite reality. Yet, more than
a century after the quantum revolution
began, there is no consensus among the
world's physicists as to how this basic
fact is compatible with the theory's
mathematical expression." [...]

Excerpted from 'The Hidden Reality'
 by Brian Greene
  Copyright 2011 by Brian Greene.

Unsticking the "brane"

Professor Tom Weiler and graduate fellow Chui Man Ho
hypothesize using the Large Hadron Collider as a TIME TUNNEL

LHC http://lhc.web.cern.ch/lhc/

Several [months] ago, had a dream of two silhouettes
'Snow Boarding' thru a tunnel of concentric rings,
 ala the old 60's TV show: 'THE TIME TUNNEL' see pic:
[Wed, 9 Mar 2011]

47 years ago, Sir Freddy wrote:

"It has often been said that, if the human species
fails to make a go of it here on Earth, some
other species will take over the running. In the
sense of developing high intelligence this is not
correct. We have, or soon will have, exhausted
the necessary physical prerequisites so far as this
planet is concerned. With coal gone, oil gone,
high-grade metallic ores gone, no species however
competent can make the long climb from primitive
conditions to high-level technology. This is a
one-shot affair. If we fail, this planetary system
fails so far as intelligence is concerned. The same
will be true of other planetary systems. On each
of them there will be one chance, and one chance
only."    -- Sir Fred Hoyle,
             "Of Men and Galaxies," 1964


5 years ago, Daniel Pinchbeck wrote:

[...] "The Catholic mystic Pierre Teilhard de Chardin
foresaw the development of a 'new, integrated mind' of
global humanity, calling it the 'noosphere,' from the
Greek word nous, meaning mind. Noting that our planet
consists of various layers -- a mineral lithosphere,
hydrosphere, biosphere, and atmosphere consisting of
troposphere, stratosphere, and ionosphere -- Chardin
theorized the possible existence of a mental envelope,
a layer of thought, encompassing the Earth.
The 'hominization' of the Earth had concluded the
phase of physical evolution, during which species
multiplied and developed new powers, leading to an
entropic breakdown of the biosphere. This process,
Chardin realized, requiring the tapping of the stored
energy and amassed mineral resources of the planet,
could happen only once." [...] Pg. 60; Part One:
               A Universe In Ruins; Chapter Five |
               2012 - The Return of Quetzalcoatl
               by Daniel Pinchbeck (c) 2006


10 years ago, Whitley Strieber wrote:

[...] Q: But our world is dying and falling into
        chaos? How can we be governed poorly from
        such a high level?

A: Man is a child. Children govern children with
   the wisdom of children.

Q: There are aliens here?

A: Using you and guiding you.

Q: We're being exploited?

A: You are, but also helped. You are being guided
   to your place as guides of another world.

Q: What will we do for this other world?

A: You will draw it toward ecstasy just as your
   mentors draw you toward ecstasy. Right now,
   there are brilliant creatures there looking
   at the sky and devouring the flesh of their
   own children, just as you did. Unless you
   help them, they will not make the evolutionary
   leap in time, and will go extinct.

Q: Whose responsibility would that be?

A: All are responsible for all.

Q: How many worlds are there like ours, like theirs?

A: The planets that can sustain complex elemental
   bodies are not many. However, the elements of
   which they are made occur in various patterns,
   and the form of evolution depends upon the
   chemical makeup of the planet upon which it
   occurs. So there are worlds where creatures
   look very much like us. there are worlds where
   they are quite different.

[...] [Pgs 78-79 - THE KEY - by Whitley Strieber]

<>   [...]  "Go to Calcutta or Lagos or Bogata
<>  and give yourself to the first street
<>  urchin you meet as his helper and
<>  lifelong servant. Do it without question
<>  or hesitation. You say that you want to
<>  worship God? Kneel to this little one
<>  and you kneel to God." [...] [Pgs 135-136;
<>  The Conversation; THE KEY -
<>    A True Encounter by Whitley Strieber;
<>     ISBN 978-1-58542-869-4; Copyright (c)2001, 2011
<>      by Walker & Collier, Inc.] UnknownCountry.com
<>        http://www.motkbook.com/
<>         http://tinyurl.com/GAWD-IN-RELIEF


     "If You Don't Like the News,
 Go Out and Make Some of Your Own."
                  -- Scoop Nisker




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