The Lifeboat-affiliated attendees are:

Athena Andreadis, Jason Batt, Elizabeth Bear, Gregory Benford, Kevin M.
Berry, James Blodgett, Ian A. Crawford, Eric W. Davis, Kathryn Denning,
Mark R Edwards, Marsal Gifra, Martin Halbert, Joe Haldeman, Roger
Handberg, Eva-Jane Lark, Claudio Maccone, Greg Matloff, Mike McCulloch,
Philip Metzger, Michael A.G. Michaud, Jeff Nosanov, Moira O'Keeffe,
Marko Peljhan, Jack Sarfatti, Robert J. Sawyer, Dirk Schulze-Makuch,
Daniel Sheehan, Amalie Sinclair, Milos Stanic, Allen Steele, Emil
Vinterhav, Michael Waltemathe, Christian Weidemann, and David Weiss.

Their presentations are:

James Blodgett       Fri 1:30 pm   Ethical Economics
Moira O'Keeffe       Fri 1:30 pm   Science Fiction and the Big Questions
Amalie Sinclair      Fri 1:30 pm   A 100 Year World View
Milos Stanic         Fri 1:30 pm   Fusion Propulsion Comparison
Emil Vinterhav       Fri 1:30 pm   Where's The ___?
David Weiss          Fri 1:30 pm   Creating Materials for the Starship
Athena Andreadis     Fri 3:25 pm   Making Aliens
Jeff Nosanov         Fri 3:25 pm   The 34-Year Starship
Gregory Benford      Fri 5:00 pm   Science Fiction Writers Panel
Robert J. Sawyer     Fri 5:00 pm   Science Fiction Writers Panel
Allen Steele         Fri 5:00 pm   Science Fiction Writers Panel
Ian A. Crawford      Sat 9:45 am   Target Selection & Scientific
Roger Handberg       Sat 9:45 am   Building a Bridge to the Stars
Michael A.G. Michaud Sat 9:45 am   Long-Term Implications of Interstellar
Marko Peljhan        Sat 9:45 am   The Culturisation of Space as a Corner
                                   Corner stone in the Space/Society
Eric W. Davis        Sat 11:00 am  Faster-Than-Light Space Warps, Status
                                   and Next Steps
Greg Matloff         Sat 11:00 am  Light Sailing to the Stars
Philip Metzger       Sat 11:00 am  Nature's Way of Making Audacious Space
                                   Projects Viable
Dirk Schulze-Makuch  Sat 11:00 am  Colonization of Mars via Initial One-
                                   Way Mission
Daniel Sheehan       Sat 11:00 am  Heat Recyclers
Amalie Sinclair      Sat 11:00 am  The Longest Journey
Mark R. Edwards      Sat 12:50 pm  Algae 360 Microfarms
Marsal Gifra         Sat 12:50 pm  Strategic Roadmap for the Development
                                   of an Interstellar Space Program
Martin Halbert       Sat 12:50 pm  Org. of Long-Tern Interstellar
                                   Distributed Digital Preservation
Claudio Maccone      Sat 12:50 pm  Sun Focus Comes First, Interstellar
                                   Comes Second
Mike McCulloch       Sat 12:50 pm  Quantized Inertia and FTL
Jack Sarfatti        Sat 12:50 pm  Low Power Warp Drive
Michael Waltemathe   Sat 12:50 pm  A Religious Vision for Interstellar
Christian Weidemann  Sat 12:50 pm  Did Jesus Die for Klingons Too?
Kevin M. Berry       Sat 2:45 pm   Starship Repairs
Eric W. Davis        Sat 2:45 pm   PANEL DEBATE: Can Exotic Science Lead
                                   to Starship Propulsion?
Kathryn Denning      Sat 2:45 pm   Inertia Of Past Futures
Eva-Jane Lark        Sat 2:45 pm   Investment Financing of Voyages of
                                   Discovery and Settlement -
                                   Historical Examples and Building
                                   Foundations for Future Starships
Elizabeth Bear       Sat 5:00 pm   Science Fiction Writers Panel
Joe Haldeman         Sat 5:00 pm   Science Fiction Writers Panel
Jason Batt           Sun 9:00 am   Organizations Panel

Eric Klien
Lifeboat Foundation