From the DARPA-NASA Starship Meeting Orlando Sept 30 - Oct 2, 2011

Jack Sarfatti commented on Popular Mechanics.
I was one of the invited speakers at the DARPA-NASA conference. Here is an abstract of my talk.
Breaking the Space-Time Energy and Signaling Barriers.
Are Low Power Warp Drive and Retrocausal Quantum Entanglement Interstellar Space Command Control Communication Possible?
Jack Sarfatti

I propose two plausibly practical near-term profound super-technology game-changers for the DARPA-NASA 100 Year Starship Project that will allow C3 from the Pentagon/Langley in present real time of far interstellar, intergalactic and even interworld drone and human missions throughout the conjectured multiverse string landscape of parallel universes – if it exists. All conventional forms of spacecraft propulsion are unlikely to motivate large-scale private capital because the time scales for interstellar travel even to the nearest exo-planet are simply too long for practical commerce, the habitat problems are likely to be too difficult, and the cost in our declining world economy on the brink of financial if not environmental collapse in 2011 appear to be too great. Recent discoveries in the slowing of the speed of light in Bose-Einstein condensates and the negative electric permittivity and magnetic permeability in partially-fractal broad-band metamaterials suggests a low power speculative possibility for warp drive based on  Einstein’s orthodox field equation for gravity coupled to the non-propagating electromagnetic near field. Suppose, for example, that we can slow down the speed of light to 3 cm/sec keeping the magnetic response close to 1 with an anti-gravitating non-propagating near field low frequency negative dielectric response susceptibility. Therefore, since c scales as the inverse square root of yielding a dimensionless amplification of the repulsive anti-gravity field of perhaps as much as order of the cube of the electric susceptibility ~ 10^60. This would break the space-time stiffness barrier to low power warp-wormhole technology. This conjecture is entirely new and needs further investigation. The unitarity and Born probability axioms of quantum theory are proved to break down in the presence of Higgs-Goldstone spontaneous symmetry breaking permitting stand-alone, possibly retrocausal, entanglement signals for interstellar space communications without light speed retarded time delayed keys to unlock the messages. This is a violation of special orthodox micro-quantum theory by a more general macro-quantum coherent post-quantum theory similar to the violation of global special relativity by local general relativity where the former is a limiting case of the latter.

Keywords: warp drive, wormholes, metamaterials, dark energy, slow light, future event horizon, past particle horizon, multiverse, Arrow of Time, hologram universe, quantum entanglement, signal nonlocality, rapid space communications.

To Infinity and Beyond at DARPA?s 100-Year Starship Symposium - Interstellar Travel
The mad scientists at DARPA are on to their biggest project yet: the 100-Year Starship project, intended to lay the groundwork for interstellar travel.