On Feb 6, 2021, at 5:40 AM, Julien Geffray wrote:
Bob Bigelow interviewed by George Knapp, part II at 20:36

"Machinery really does exist. IT DOES EXIST. But the problem has been the unability to back-engineer it."

But they may not have show their treasure for analysis to the right people! That's the main problem when you want answers you do not have about something you do not want to show.

Jack replied: That’s because they have not consulted me and Keith Wanser and some others.
We knew that 20+ years ago at Joe Firmage’s ISSO.
No news to us.

The fuselage is metamaterial that must be resonantly pumped at the right frequencies and wavelengths (near EM fields) to wake up the system including the conscious AI PQM hyper CTC “computer”.