Erwin Schrodinger's quote "If all this damned quantum jumping were really here to stay, I should be sorry I ever got involved with quantum theory."

Hello Michele

I am not actively working on that complicated damned PBR problem right now. I know how Schrodinger felt. ;-)

I am trying to get entanglement signaling to work in spite of the no-cloning and other no-go theorems saying it’s not possible.

I am passing your paper on to Fred Alan Wolf who just wrote a paper on your topic and to others who can make informed comments. :-)

In general terms, I prefer Bohm’s objective interpretation of the quantum-bit field (particle quantum potential) interacting with real classical fermion quarks and leptons on definite (possibly fractal) world lines and classical boson gauge field (connections in fiber space) guided by the super-quantum potential as in BohmHiley’s book The Undivided Universe. I never agreed with the epistemological view in which the Born probability rule is taken as Holy Writ. I think the Born probability rule is like the fifth axiom of Euclid’s geometry and that there are general quantum theories that violate the Born probability rule and permit entanglement signal nonlocality.

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Dear Dr. J. Sarfatti,
Please find enclosed as pdf file an article (submitted, under review sorry
for some errors):"Epistemic vs Ontic Classification of quantum entangled
Thank You for possible feedback,
michele caponigro
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PS In the meantime, also I wish to know your comment about recent article
(May 2012 published on Nature, see also e-print on the realism of quantum states.
According the authors quantum states are objective and not
epistemic. This theorem called PBR, says also, that if the state are not
objective we must conclude that all the quantum states (entangled or not)
are correlated. This second interesting implication is similar to the
conclusion of our present paper "Epistemic vs Ontic Classification of
quantum entangled states?"
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