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      • Jack Sarfatti
        ‎"A group of scientists in California, claim that a quantum state is now observable with the human eye, and that time-travel could be possible. This discovery occurred in the UCSB, by Professor of Physics, Andrew Cleland, and his team. They believe that an object which can be seen in front of you can also exist simultaneously in a parallel Universe, or in a multi-state condition, and some scientists theorize, this can permit time travel.
        Dr. Cleland’s team took a small metal paddle, which is about the width of a human hair, and cooled it in a refrigerator, to reach its quantum mechanical ground state, which is the lowest-energy state permitted by quantum mechanics. The lights were dimmed, and a special bell jar was also used to draw out all of the air, which eliminates vibrations. Then a vibrating device was made, that looks like a tiny drum, and used a very high oscillation speed, of over 6 billion oscillations per second. This experiment signifies that the researchers achieved “quantum control” over the apparatus.
        Therefore, Dr. Cleland’s experiment heralded making something previously invisible to the human eye, visible. “When you observe something in one state, one theory is, that it splits the universe into two parts,” said Dr. Cleland, when trying to explain how there can be Multiple Universes, and we can see only one of them.
        The Multi-Universe Theory is that the entire Universe freezes during observation and that is why we only see one reality."
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      • Jack Sarfatti The above is not clear enough.
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      • Jack Sarfatti
        ‎" Craig Hogan, a particle astrophysicist of Fermilab, says, “Being in the [holographic] universe is like being in a 3D movie.” “On a large-scale, it looks smooth and three-dimensional, but if you get close to the screen, you can tell that it is flat and pixilated.”
        The readings from a sensitive motion-detector in Hanover, Germany which detects ripples in the fabric of space-time called the GEO6000 experiment in 2008 were found to look grainy. This supported the evidence that the Universe is really a “hologram.” Dr. Hogan’s wide-ranging contributions to the field include the co-discovery of ‘dark energy.'"
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      • Jack Sarfatti ‎"Physicist Sean Carroll, from the California Institute of Technology, accepts the scientific theory of the Multi Universe, even though it has not yet been proven. “Unless you can imagine some super-advanced alien civilization that has figured this out, we aren’t affected by the possible existence of other universes,” Dr. Carroll said. However, he does think, “someone could devise a machine that lets one Universe communicate with another.” - indeed that's what happens with "entanglement signal nonlocality" that violates the no-signaling and no-cloning a quantum "theorems" of orthodox quantum theory. Orthodox micro-quantum theory is like Special Relativity. Special Relativity was superseded by General Relativity. There are no real gravity fields in Special Relativity, i.e. no 4th rank Riemann-Christoffel non-zero tensor fields induced by matter field stress-energy tensor fields. Similarly entanglement signal nonlocality is analogous to curvature. Some physicists like Asher Peres profess that entanglement signal nonlocality violates the Second Law of Thermodynamics. However, other physicists dispute that.
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