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* It is now well established that quantum nonlocality really does
“connect” the separated parts of the same quantum mechanical system
(c.f. Freedman-Clauser, Aspect, etc.)

* There are several “No-Signal Theorems” in the literature (c.f. P.
Eberhard, A. Shimony, …) showing that quantum nonlocal signaling is
impossible, e.g., a change on one measurement has no observable effect
on the other, in the absence of coincidence links.

* However, Peacock and Hepburn have argued that these “proofs” are
tautological and that certain key assumptions (e.g., measurements are
local) are inconsistent with the quantum formalism (e.g.,
Bose-Einstein symmetrization).

Therefore, the question of nonlocal signaling remains “open” (at least
a crack) and should be tested.

There is ample evidence now for nonlocal signaling in the mind culminating in Daryl Bem’s data

(Libet, Puthoff& Targ SRI, Radin, Bierman, ... Bem)

[PDF] Feeling the Future: Experimental Evidence for Anomalous - Daryl Bem
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Feeling the Future: Experimental Evidence for. Anomalous Retroactive Influences on Cognition and Affect. Daryl J. Bem. Cornell University. The term psi denotes ...
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On Daryl Bem's Feeling the Future Paper
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