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    Comments made by Peter Higgs, Stephen Hawking, Frank Wilczek, Sean Carroll, Neil Tyson, Bill Nye etc., after the discovery of Higgs Boson.
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      • Lynda Williams the experiment was designed to detect it. ho hum...
        17 hours ago ·
      • Leonardo Varesi The observed particle is surely Higgs boson?The experiment has founded that particle more than 100 GeV less of theory...
        2 hours ago ·
      • Jack Sarfatti Sure, but if it wasn't really there they would have gotten a null result only noise no signal exactly as I predict will UNLIKE THE HIGGS happen when attempts are made to measure real (on-mass-shell) DARK MATTER particles. I think DARK MATTER is entirely a quantum vacuum effect of ORDINARY PARTICLES in their virtual (off-mass-shell) state.
      • Jack Sarfatti Same for DARK ENERGY - the flip side of DARK MATTER. The former from virtual bosons, the latter from virtual fermion-antifermion pairs both INSIDE THE QUANTUM VACUUM.
      • Jack Sarfatti Technically in 3D with isotropy w = pressure/energy density = -1. Vacuum energy of virtual bosons is positive from Bose-Einstein quantum statistics, vacuum energy of virtual fermion-antifermion pairs is negative from Pauli exclusion principle. Lorentz invariance + equivalence principle imply that the leading term in induced gravity in Einstein's GR i.e. Guv + kTuv = 0 has T00 ~ (energy density )(1 + 3w) voila virtual bosons anti-gravitate from negative zero point quantum pressure whilst virtual fermion-antifermion pairs gravitate from positive zero point quantum pressure. Piece of cake - problem essentially solved by elementary battle-tested physics.