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What people do not seem to understand is that the vacuum Higgs field is a Glauber coherent state of off mass shell spin zero Higgs quanta. 


It's actually a virtual time crystal in Wilczek's sense.



Virtual particles are stabilized frozen into the macro-quantum coherent ground states by P.W. Anderson's phase rigidity. This is distinct from their role as random zero point fluctuations. The latter is analogous to the normal fluid with the former as the superfluid condensate in He4 for example.

Gapless acoustic phonons that correspond to transverse crystal distortions seem to be analogous to spin 1 quanta. However, the Lorentz group does not describe crystals in the v/c << 1 limit.

Representation theory of the Lorentz group - Wikipedia, the free ...
The Lorentz group of theoretical physics has a variety of representations, corresponding to particles with integer and half-integer spins in quantum field theory.
Lorentz group - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
In physics (and mathematics), the Lorentz group is the non-abelian group of all Lorentz transformations of ..... Twofold coverings are characteristic of spin groups.
Why is a phonon a boson?
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6 posts - 6 authors - Nov 6, 2005
Phonons are bosons because of their spin 0 value. A better question would have been : why do phonons have spin 0 ? Their is a really easy ...
Goldstone boson - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The field can be redefined to give a real scalar field (i.e., a spin-zero particle) θ without... In general, the phonon is effectively the Nambu–Goldstone boson for ...
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A note concerning the spin of the phonon
by AT Levine - 1962
A Note Concerning the Spin ol the Phonon. A. I). LEVIY~. Wayne State U~dversit! ! - Detroit, Mich. (ricevuto il 12 Luglio 1962). This is a report on work being ...
[PDF] Sound-Particles and Phonons with Spin 1
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by V Minasyan - 2011 - Cited by 2 - Related articles
Oct 20, 2010 – phonons with spin 1. In this letter, we estimate the masses of Sound Boson- Particles which are around 500 times smaller than the atom mass.

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[0708.3344] Higgs-mass predictions
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Jack Sarfatti Other examples:
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Jack Sarfatti ‎2) Static Coulomb field of a point charge q, i.e. e/r potential is a coherent Glauber state of longitudinally polarized spin 1 virtual photons of frequency f = 0 and wave numbers k weighted by 1/k^2 (see Wikipedia on Feynman propagators)
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Jack Sarfatti http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Propagator

Propagator - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
In quantum mechanics and quantum field theory, the propagator gives the probabil...See More
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Jack Sarfatti ‎3) ordinary space crystal ground states are Glauber coherent states of virtual phonons again of frequency f = 0 but now with wave vectors k ~ harmonics of 1/lattice spacings of the unit cell.
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Jack Sarfatti Note there are both acoustic and optical phonons. The acoustic phonons are analogous to the gapless Goldstone phase modes. The optical phonons with an energy gap are analogous to the Higgs bosons with mass of 125 Gev.
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Jack Sarfatti http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Phonon

Phonon - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
In physics, a phonon is a collective excitation in a periodic, elastic arrangeme...See More
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Jack Sarfatti In the case of the Higgs field, if it is a time crystal then it has a spectrum of frequencies f =/= 0 if it changes in time as well as a spectrum of wave vectors k =/= 0 if it also is inhomogeneous in space. The past and future cosmological horizons provide long wave cutoffs.

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What people do not seem to understand is that the vacuum Higgs field is a Glauber coherent state of off mass shell spin zero Higgs quanta.

It's actually a virtual time crystal in Wilczek's sense.

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Dear Jack and Tony : Thank you very much for your links. A friend of mine sent me  
a compilation history of Higgs masses in the link by Thomas Schucker, version 8, 2011 : http://arxiv.org/abs/0708.3344

Best wishes carlos