• Physics - Don’t Bring the Noise http://t.co/wKq28Qd2
      Noiseless amplification of multiple spatial channels in rubidium vapor can aid optical communications and quantum information processing.
    • Physics - Power Falls in Sync http://t.co/IK35rSfP
      According to network theory, decentralizing a power grid to accommodate more energy sources may improve the synchronization of its components.
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    Terahertz radiation can control electron transport through quantum dots.
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    Controlling the surface termination of a material with a large spin-orbit effect could provide a way to select a particular spin state for spintronic devices.
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    A thin metal slab known as a superlens, which focuses light more sharply than its wavelength, could have an even higher resolution imaging rapidly varying electromagnetic fields.
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    Theorists consider the experimental signature of a quantum spin ice.
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    A proposed interferometry experiment could detect quantum states, called anyons, which are neither bosons nor fermions.