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    I'm an Atheist (the god of the Bible is a primitive idea) -- Agnostic (believing something doesn't make true) -- Believer (20 years of experiencing the paranormal leads me to believe something else is going on here. Would someone tell me if have the basics of the Holographic Universe and Teilhard de Chardin's Omega Point philosophy anywhere near correct.

    The Holographic Universe
    As I Understand It...

    I'm no physicist but as near as I can tell, this is what I've gleaned from this theory:


    The Universe we see is like (similar to) a black hole turned inside-out. A black hole is described as a sphere accompanied by an accretion disc of material swirling around it. The surface of this sphere is called the event horizon within which everything – including light and the very of fabric of space itself – is drawn irresistibly toward a point at the said sphere's center. This point is called “the singularity.”

    Information (distinctions between things and events) is “plastered” on the surface in a two dimensional form – like the scratched patterns on a hologram. All the information of the black hole in recorded on its surface. On quanta of space, tiny two-dimensional squares the sides of which are measured in “Planck lengths” ≈ 1.6161999 X 10 exponent -35 meters. [That's a very, very, very small section of a meter ≈.000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,016,161,999 of a meter].

    Now, in your imagination, take the singularity at the center of this huge “ball” and pull it inside-out. Now the singularity is like the Big Bang point of an emerging Universe and the surface becomes the event horizon of an ever-expanding Universe carrying all the “information” of its content and history. [For those who can handle advanced calculus (I can't) there's a description of this situation called: anti-de Sitter spacetime].

(Actually it's de Sitter not anti-de Sitter - Jack)

    The common reaction to this theoretical model is “I'm no holographic projection!!” This is a reaction based on a picture in our minds of a wavy image we can pass our hands through. This is not the concept I believe it's saying. The 2 dimensional Planck areas contain all the information of the 3 dimensional Universe we live in; every cell, the patterns of our brains, the color of our eyes, all the distinctions between things and events. All of this is plastered on the surface of the spherical Universe. We can't see it because it's what's happening now and we can see only what happened in the past.

    The Omega Point – (A philosophy of hope).

    Here's how it goes: Sometime in the future there are – will be – are, civilizations that have some unknown technologies that are able to read the information on the Universe's event horizon. These civilizations will then be able to reconstitute my and your information.

    With this, they can effect changes in the past. You and I, as part of these civilizations, can then effect our own histories (Physicist Jack Sarfatti's retro-causality?). Perhaps this explains my 20 year paranormal experiences – precognition, bibliomancy, retro cognition and unbelievable persistent synchronicities. These events beat the odds and demanded an explanation.

    This situation is like an avatar and the avatar's source. Again, this is where there may be an archetype – some internal, collective unconscious, instinct – that manifests itself in our mythologies and religious beliefs; especially our modern myths – the telling of science fiction and fantasy stories.

    As some theoreticians say: “it's just weird enough to be true.” I'm not saying is, it just fits my experiences better than anything I have heard up to now. And it contains just enough science to base my hopes on.

    This is fun for me; it's an adventure of the mind.

    My Hope

    This is my hope. And this is my hope for you: May all your good and finest dreams come true – love and exhilarating joy – and dreams you don't yet know to dream.

    Theodore Joseph Silva
    (Adventurer – Philosopher)
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Jack Sarfatti Pretty good. :-) Will have more to say when I get back to London later today where I will be for a month to get work done.