I received this on Facebook, but I don't have time now to try to read it closely as I am working essentially daily in London with Clive Prince and Lynn Picknett on a new book/TV project and I am here for another week so time grows short.

Of course the 1973 SRI - CIA meeting with me, Russell Targ, Hal Puthoff, Brendan O Regan, Dean Brown ... set up by Jacques Vallee refers to these general ideas. Curious that this popped up at this particular moment.

The general idea is to model the stable leptons as tiny extreme (non-radiating) e.g. ADM model, black hole type extended structure Bohm hidden variables that will be piloted by their attached quantum potential in the more complete model. Heidi Fern working with Jim Woodward has done some very interesting work on the radiation reaction in the classical part of this type of approach. Woodward thinks it's relevant to his Mach thruster propellantless propulsion Star Ship engine model that I have yet to properly understand.

PS on the string theory front a woman professor (Mersini?) at North Carolina has scored a triumph for Lenny Susskind's Cosmic Landscape by explaining the Arrow of Time and predicting in at least one case three major anomalies in modern precision cosmology data. More details when I have time. Bottom line is that at least one precise concept of Max Tegmark's four levels of the multiverse has empirical consequences inside our causal diamond bounded in the past by the particle horizon from the moment of inflation and bounded in the future by our observer-dependent dark energy event horizon. Both horizons are Seth Lloyd computers hologram screens and we need Yakir Aharonov's Destiny & History quantum waves to properly understand what's happening.