Talking on the signal nonlocality I.J. Good's GOD(D) Phone to P.K. Dick's VALIS (Puharich's SPECTRA) in our conscious cosmological computer simulated Destiny Matrix Virtual Universe? ;-)
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  • Jack Sarfatti "Extrapolations to the distant futurity of trends in the growth of high-performance computing (HPC) have led philosophers to question —in a logically compelling way— whether the universe that we currently inhabit is a numerical simulation performed by our distant descendants ... [1].therefore in principle there always remains the possibility for the simulated to discover the simulators."
  • Jack Sarfatti "The spectrum of the highest energy cosmic rays provides the most stringent constraint that we have found on the lattice spacing of a universe simulation"
  • Jack Sarfatti "The most striking feature of the scenario in which the lattice provides the cut off to the cosmic ray spectrum is that the angular distribution of the highest energy components would exhibit cubic symmetry in the rest frame of the lattice, deviating significantly from isotropy."
  • Jack Sarfatti "7 It has been recently pointed out that the domain-wall formulation of lattice fermions provides a mechanism by which the number of generations of fundamental particles is tied to the form of the dispersion relation [34]. Space-time would then be a topological insulator."
  • Jack Sarfatti "5 Hsu and Zee [30] have suggested that the CMB provides an opportunity for a potential creator/simulator of our universe to communicate with the created/simulated without further intervention in the evolution of the universe. If, in fact, it is determ...See More
  • Jack Sarfatti "For instance, it could be that the observed non-vanishing value of the cosmological constant is simply a rounding error resulting from the number zero being entered into a simulation program with insufficient precision."
  • Jack Sarfatti Constraints on the Universe as a Numerical Simulation
    Silas R. Beane,1, 2, Zohreh Davoudi,3, y and Martin J. Savage3,
    1Institute for Nuclear Theory, Box 351550, Seattle, WA 98195-1550, USA
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