Hey Jack. You see the more I read the paper on quantum information and computation, I can see a lot of resemblance to Wheelers Geometrogenesis - It is possible then that the equilibrium is in some sense, the same idea in Geometrogenesis which states our universe was extremely hot, and until the universe began to cool down matter appeared? This would be why the paper speaks about the ''heat death'' scenario in which we are trapped in.
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  • Gareth Lee Meredith But if that is true, how would it be possible to find a violation of the Born Rule if we are essentially trapped inside the low energy phase?
  • Jack Sarfatti You have confounded us being hologram images in a simulated virtual reality with the virtual particles of quantum theory. Same word "virtual" used with two different meanings - two different contexts.
  • Jack Sarfatti In fact our observable accelerating universe bounded by our past and future cosmic horizons inside the causal diamond is not in thermal equilibrium and it is not closed.
  • Jack Sarfatti Our past particle horizon infinite redshift surface for retarded waves that propagate from past to present is the future light cone of the Alpha Point of inflation, i.e. quantum vacuum phase transition releasing the energy of the hot Big Bang.
  • Jack Sarfatti Our future de Sitter horizon is the past light cone of the Teilhard de Chardin Omega Point. The Omega Point is about 64 billion years in Penrose's conformal time that is equal to an infinite amount of Einstein's proper time. The proper time clock is basically Galileo's pendulum or a simple harmonic oscillator. In contrast, the conformal clock is a Fabry-Perot interferometer each mirror at rest in the co-moving Hubble flow of the accelerating expanding universe - where the cosmic microwave background is maximally isotropic to one part in 10^5.
  • Jack Sarfatti Both cosmic horizons are quantum gravity computers.
  • Jack Sarfatti They are also observer-dependent because radiation is a nonlocal process - a Cramer transaction between future absorber and past emitter and the proper time of the real photon is zero. In the latter sense the connection is instant.
  • Jack Sarfatti There is no heat death in modern precision cosmology.
  • Jack Sarfatti If we can't time travel to the past then the end is in ice not in fire.
  • Jack Sarfatti http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ultimate_fate_of_the_universe
    Theultimate fate of the universeis a topic inphysical cosmology. Many possible f
    ates are predicted by rival scientific theories, including futures of both finite and infinite duration.