Can Nick Herbert's FLASH for faster-than-light & back-from-the-future entanglement signaling be made to work after all?
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Jack Sarfatti Altho the FLASH proposal was refuted, it stimulated much discussion about the intrinsic limits of quantum amplifiers: we know now that noiseless quantum amplifiers cannot exist because if they did we would be able to build time machines. In a small way FLASH led to the discovery of a new and unsuspected natural law: NO PERFECT AMPLIFIERS.

Compare with:
First Noiseless Single Photon Amplifier

ScienceDaily (Nov. 11, 2012) — Research physicists have demonstrated the first device capable of amplifying the information in a single particle of light without adding noise

The research collaboration, involving Griffith University, The University of Queensland and University of Science and Technology of China, was able to amplify the noisy quantum state of a single photon subjected to loss, without adding noise in the process; in fact, their amplification reduced the noise in the quantum state

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