OK this seems to be the whole show. Bekkum says my name is mentioned in first part.
Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura - Skinwalker
While it appears truTV is attempting to bury this show I figured I'd put this up. Apparently they haven't even paid Jesse for season three yet either. I was ...
  • Jack Sarfatti Yes, my Facebook profile photo and my name are there 10 minutes into the beginning (10:10 to 10:30 to be exact). have no objection. What they summarized is completely true. I mean the story told to me March 18, 2004 in London that Bigelow confirmed in essence in 2010. I was told by a CIA officer in 2004 to lie low on the story, which I did. So there is something real about it after all. Exactly what remains to be investigated. I was given a lot of details by the French woman from Paris, but I don't know how accurate they are. Nick Cook was in the room with me as well as Grant Stapleton.
  • Jack Sarfatti BTW Oliver Stone's son and Jesse Ventura's son are the two young investigators in the video.