Reading P W Anderson's new More is Different book on Kindle. I may never read another book in paper again.
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  • Kathy Sadler Mead Isnt the kindle fabulous, the kindle fire is the way to go
  • Jack Sarfatti I heard Anderson give his famous 1967 talk at UCSD. He was there with Frohlich, Matthias, Suhl & Kohn. My own work uses "More is Different" emergence of new coherent orderings of matter via the generalized Higgs-Goldstone ODLRO spontaneous broken continuous symmetries of the action in the ground state of complex systems giving local order parameters that are over-complete distinguishably non-orthogonal Glauber states of boson quasiparticles both real and virtual in different problems.
  • Jack Sarfatti I mean the Kindle program I have on my 11" Mac Airbook, my Iphone 4s & IPad mini.
  • Jack Sarfatti This does not include the new 2D anyon braiding group nonlocal topological orderings e.g. Fractional Quantum Hall Effect, that operates on the gravity horizons. The horizon hologram physics is nonlocal topological, the interior bulk physics is local Higgs-Goldstone. The latter is the image of the former - a kind of duality.