So Jim means frame invariant rest mass m by "inertia" in the quote below. He does not mean the global geodesic pattern solution of Einstein's GR field equations in matter
Guv + (8piG(index of refraction)^4/c^4)Tuv = 0.
Now Jim claims a bare mass cosmological screening.
m is from Higgs field, + Quantum Chromodynamica + Low Energy Nuclear + Atomic + Molecular + Solid State Physics.
Jim claims
m* = m(Cosmological Screening Factor) = mC
C =/= c = speed of light in vacuum.
and his Mach Effect Thruster claims to control C.
Personally I think, MY BIAS, this is astrology and that his effect in the lab is simply bad measurement. However, I may be wrong, and since I am writing my own book and my review of his book will be the in it - I continue.
We now know that Einstein was naive about the Origin of Inertia, Mach even more so. We have come a long way since those pre-quantum theory days.
The Origin of Inertia is
1) Higgs vacuum coherent Glauber state field post-inflation
2) SU(3) strong force Quantum Chromodynamics & it's low energy tail - Nuclear Physics
3) Atomic, Molecular, Solid State Many Body Problem - models of binding energies on different scales.
Inertia m is a FREE PARAMETER in Einstein's GR which is a local gauge theory of the T4 group.
The origin of inertia needs the U1, SU2 & SU3 internal groups + Higgs-Goldstone-Anderson "More is different" emergence of order in the spontaneous breakdown of symmetries in the ground states of complex many particle systems both real and virtual.
to be continued
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Jack Sarfatti There is no way to change the internal energies by a large fraction without destroying the material!

I fundamentally disagree with Jim Woodward .The inertia of the starship has nothing to do with real warp drive or the construction of a benign wormhole star gate time travel machine.

to be continued