Along the way just days ago on Sol 120 (Dec 7, 2012) she stopped to inspect a huge outcrop of layered rocks dubbed 'Shaler' and snapped dozens of high resolution photos with the Navcam and Mastcam cameras.

To catch a human's eye view of the breathtaking terrain of what some might hearken to an 'unexpected journey', check out our Sol 120 photo mosaic in 2-D (above) and then compare that with NASA's 3-D photo mosaic (below). You will need to whip out you red-cyan anaglyph glasses to take in the full measure of Curiosity's glorious surroundings and the foreboding shadow – can you guess what that is?

The 'Shaler' outcrop features a plethora of striking layers, angled to each other in a pattern geologists refer to as 'crossbedding'.

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