Alien life and UFO were hot topics among the alien seekers and conspiracy theorists in the year 2017. Some believe that we are not alone and some form of intelligent life exists in some other part of the world which also gave upward thrust to many conspiracies this year.

Recently, SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket launch was mistaken as UFO while some still claimed to see mysterious alien spacecraft alongside the SpaceX rocket. The launch was so bizarre that drivers on the road got distracted and crashed their cars.

Apparently, our every attempt to find extraterrestrial life failed, and no one was able to prove the existence of aliens. Meanwhile, a radio astronomer from MIT who believes in the existence of alien life came up with a theory to prove why we have failed in establishing a contact with aliens even after several attempts.

It is to be noticed that recently, METI scientists beamed a signal into space to establish contact with aliens. The scientists have sent a set of radio signal with such instructions that they would definitely get some reply back on Earth within 25 years. However, the universe is vast, and the possibility of receiving the signals is minimal.

According to the “Zoo Theory”, given by John A. Ball, an MIT radio astronomer, aliens might be living in some distant galaxy, and they know about the existence of humans, but still, they are purposefully hiding from us and avoiding contact with humans. The theory further states that aliens aren’t still advanced enough. Therefore they don’t interfere with our activity, similar to zookeepers at a zoo or nature preserve.

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