Few scientists have made as much impact on the modern world as Niels Bohr. The result of Bohr’s work on the structure of the atom gave rise to everything from the atomic age to laser beams and quantum computing and his name is overshadowed by his critics and those who built off his work to make names for themselves.

So in honor of the 56th anniversary of his passing, we want to acknowledge our debt to him by delving into his pioneering work on Quantum Mechanics and Complementarity, his unique contribution to the philosophy of physics.

Bohr’s insight into the prevailing model of the atom would lay the groundwork for much of the technological advancements of the 20th century. He demonstrated that around each atomic nucleus, there were several levels of concentric shells filled with electrons and showed that the change of an atom's state was due to electrons moving between shells as they absorbed or radiated energy.

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