A press release I received from Chalmers University of Technology rather modestly implies, rather than states, that the new material is basically everything graphene needs to be. The new molecular Dirac crystal layer which manages electronic capacity is 100% consistent, with far superior structuring than older types of graphene.
Since graphene as a class of materials is generally considered to be the material of the future for everything from electronics to bullet-proof vests, this is roughly the equivalent of Stone Age people suddenly figuring out that flints can be used for doing something other than tripping over. The new molecular methodology isn't particularly complex, in fact, it's quite easy to understand in terms of critical basics, but it is very significant.
Previous versions of graphene have been pretty much all over the place in terms of electronic capacity. In precision electronics, that is simply not good enough. The need is for high-capacity, well-organised, "atomically thin” Dirac crystals, perfectly spaced, to deliver good electronic capacity. That is exactly what epitaxial layered epigraphene does.

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