A RUDN employee and Brazilian colleagues have called into question the idea of using stable wormholes as portals to different points of space-time. The outcomes of the studies were published in Physical Review D.

Wormholes certainly are a recurring motif in science fiction. A wormhole is really a type of tunnel that joins distant points in space, or two universes even, via space-time curvature. Theoretically, this type of tunnel could possibly be traversed in one point in space to some other without actually traveling the length between them. Roman Konoplya, a RUDN physicist, evaluated the chance of such interstellar travel.

“Our expectation of the existence of the exotic objects rests on the point that Einstein’s equations enable wormholes as their solution. However, for wormholes to be traversable rather than to collapse due to gravitational effects, the repulsion force in the bottleneck of a wormhole ought to be extremely high,” says Roman Konoplya.

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