The Boston Consulting Group’s study Mind the (AI) Gap: Leadership Makes the Difference published earlier this month provides insights into China’s emerging global leadership of AI. A copy of the study can be downloaded here (PDF, 20 pp., no opt-in). BCG’s study focuses on the key drivers of success in AI implementations and is based on a global survey of over 2,700 managers in seven countries. Please see page 4 of the study for additional details regarding the methodology.


The study found that there is a strong connection between bold, disruption-friendly management styles including actively putting AI high on the agenda, encouraging rapid development and piloting, and fostering cross-functional, agile R&D, all leading to AI industry leadership. Chinese organizations are beginning to dominate AI due to these factors combined with their shorter innovation cycles than their peer organizations. BCG found that structural improvements at the national level do play an important role in laying the foundations for AI growth—investments in data infrastructure, in research hubs and networks, and higher education for IT and data-related fields.




Key insights from BCG’s study that illustrate China’s rising dominance in AI include the following:

This is far more important than the old "missile gap" of the cold war era. To read more and view the video, click here.