Researchers have a stern warning for those who hope to fly to the surface of the moon in the future: do not inhale moon dust.

In a new study, researchers revealed that moon dust can cause serious health issues to humans. When inhaled, the stuff can irritate the lungs.

It's a major health concern for future astronauts," said Donald Hendrix, lead author of the study.

Hendrix and colleagues from the Stony Brook University in New York studied the moon dust samples collected from previous manned lunar missions. They found that lunar dust can react negatively with human cells, creating "hydroxyl radicals" that have previously been linked to lung cancer.

However, that is not even the worst possible outcome. Another study published earlier this year found that lunar dust can cause serious damage to the cells' DNA. After exposing mouse brain cells and human lung cells to simulated lunar dust samples, 90 percent of the lung cells and neurons died.

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