Want to create a material that is basically indestructible with stuff you can find around your kitchen? YouTuber NightHawkInLight has got you covered. Dubbed Starlite, the material has the ability to resist temperatures up to 10,000 degrees Celsius.

As seen in the video, NightHawkInLight is so confident in the strength of the material that he placed his hand under a thin slice of the material as his hand was berated by a blow torch, receiving no burns at all.

Starlite is a very curious case. The substance Starlite is a super material that has unlikely origins. The material was created by a Maurice Ward, a ladies' hairdresser from Yorkshire in the 1980s.

Composed of up to 21 organic polymers and copolymers, and small quantities of ceramics, the material is so tough it is said to have withstood the heat from a nuclear flash.

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