Neurohacker Collective has just released a product called Eternus, a 38 ingredient supplement that aims to address all key factors of aging at the cellular level. I am taking this product seriously because I personally know the folks at Neurohacker and find them to be very thoughtful about what they put into their products.

A few years back, I contacted Neurohacker because I was curious about their product Qualia, which incorporates a large number of different nootropics. Qualia is designed to target the whole system and bring about "radical cognitive enhancement."Of course I was skeptical. But I was also curious, and my interest piqued even more when I saw that a psychologist I respected was quoted on their website with a favorable review.

So I tried it. When I took it, I felt as though I could focus for a longer stretch of time, hold more in my working memory, and connect lots of dots at once. Also, my thoughts felt as though they were flowing faster, there was a lifting of my brain fog, and my anxiety was basically non-existent for the entire day. I don't know which ingredients in particular were having the most effect, however, and I am a bit concerned about taking so many nootropics at once. Nevertheless, I like how much the scientists at Neurohacker researched the interactions between the ingredients, and tried their best to take a complex systems science approach to the formulation of all of their products. Also, they are continually updating their products, attempting to really hone in on the most essential and important interactions.*

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