Just shoot them down?

After troublesome drones infiltrated London’s Gatwick airport late last year, disrupting passenger flights and costing potentially millions of pounds in revenue, that was the instinctive question posed by the watching world.

But for some businesses, shooting them down is a dangerous and unfeasible answer. They’re starting to tout better ideas: firing a net, jamming the drone, using a bigger drone to scoop it up.

These companies are part of an emerging industry offering myriad solutions, all hoping to solve the problems caused when drones fly where they’re not supposed to fly. The U.S. Federal Aviation Administration announced in early 2018 it had logged more than one million registered drones, and Goldman Sachs Group Inc. predicts that by 2020, there will be 7.8 million shipments of consumer drones--an industry worth $3.3 billion in revenue. But as drones proliferate, major incidents will likely increase, raising questions about how to keep wayward devices in check.

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