A defence company has invented a new futuristic 'rifle' that stops rogue drones by hacking into them - and forcing them to fly back to their pilots.

DroneShield has developed a software similar to 'Google Maps' for drones that instantly locates any drones - and sends them back to their pilots.

The firm has previously worked with the British Army and provided assistance to the 2018 Korean Winter Olympics, and their tech is in use at airports.

CEO Oleg Vornik remains tight-lipped on the exact cost of the system, but confirmed it ranges from five to seven figures. 

Mr Vornik also says the system could be used to protect airports from drone incursions - such as the one that brought chaos to Gatwick Airport, bringing it to a standstill for 33 hours before Christmas.

It's not about drones per se, anymore. It's all about drone defense. Drones, by their very nature as physically limited fl fying platforms, can only carry so much technology. Drone defense, on the other hand, is not restricted by those physical limitations. In other words, if it flies it can be taken down. ;-) To read more, click here.