Aerogel is a material that puzzled the science community due to its impressive physical and chemical properties. Aerogel is a solid material that possesses very different characteristics compared to other solids.

This is the part that induces curiosity in anyone who is interested in Aerogels. The lightest solid to be ever created on the earth is Aerogel.

It comprised of 97% air while maintaining the structural properties of a solid.

The term Aerogel is coined from two words – Air and Gel. And there is history to that name!

Aerogel was invented by Samuel Stephens Kistler. Samuel was fascinated by jelly because of its dual nature to act as a solid as well as a liquid.

The reason why jelly has properties of liquid and solid is that it is a combination of both. A porous gelatin structure holds the water within it, creating a pseudo substance.

Samuel wondered what would happen if he replaced the water content with air. However, if the gel was dried simply, it would contract the solid structure, leading to cracks.

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