Humans have done so many things that caused the increase in carbon dioxide in the atmosphere that the only way to meet the goal of a cleaner atmosphere is to extract stupendous amounts of it. Last month, there was news that in order to address the need to reduce carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, people should plant more trees. But is it really that easy?

Experts always emphasize the need to reduce carbon emissions as it could only get the conditions of the atmosphere worse. By worse, they mean extreme conditions. Areas where there used to be no flood, will be basking in more rain than they could handle. The other areas that are used to receiving rain might suffer from drought. The changes in the weather conditions are just a few of the many things that could change due to climate change. 

However, there is new technology that aims to suck all the carbon from the atmosphere to help save the planet. Why is it important for the world to employ carbon negative technology? There are two simple reasons for this:

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