The Nevada Test and Training Range (NTTR) seems to be hosting a significant test—or tests—of some sort this weekend, at least according to fragmented reports from various sources. Keep in mind, the nature of the topic makes attempting to draw any hard conclusions as to what exactly is afoot in the large swathes of cordoned off airspace that sit over southern Nevada a grossly speculative game that isn't really the purpose of this post. With that in mind, here is what we hearing. 

A handful of interesting Notices To Airman (NOTAMs) had been published that identify distinct restricted areas within the NTTR that are being placed off-limits to any air traffic at any altitude. Keep in mind, these NOTAMs are for military aircrews, not wayward civilian planes or light aircraft trying to weave around the NTTR over the weekend when some of the Military Operating Areas (MOAs) may be "cold" (not in use). Twitter user Bryan Herbert, who keeps an eye on aerial happenings and breaking news events throughout the region, first posted about the NOTAM on August 8th.

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