In the middle of Kisatchie National Forest, a Bigfoot researcher who calls himself “Tex-La”, lets out four howls in an area that he and another researcher, Claude, say has visible signs of Bigfoot activity.

Several seconds go by with only the sounds of insects heard all around.

Then, it happens. In the distance, four howls answer back.

Tex-La and Claude discuss the howls and from which direction they came. Tex-La then calls out again with another four howls. After several more seconds, those howls are also answered back.

It is up to those that hear the howls to decide for themselves if they believe the howls came from Bigfoot, a forest animal or a human.

“It is what it is. If you choose to believe that’s great. If you choose not to believe, that’s great, too,” said Tex-La.

He recorded the howls and will study them later. He says everything has its own distinct sound — even Bigfoot.

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