Giant resonances in electromagnetic nonlinear susceptibility response functions in non-stationary externally pumped off thermodynamic equilibrium inhomogeneous anisotropic multi-scale metamaterials greatly amplify the strength of the coupling of source stress-energy current densities to the induced Alcubierre-type gravitational warp field allowing stealthy silent zero G-force local proper acceleration (weightless) "geodesic" low-energy low-speed warp drive which appear to have impossibly large G-forces to the external observer using far-field electromagnetic signals (FLIR, close encounter visual sightings etc.). This a weapons super-technology that ensures victory in the Battle Space in asymmetrical warfare against a defender with only current conventional weapons (F-18s etc.) 1 (1.1) (1.2) (1.3) where is shorthand for the appropriate tensor contractions of the 4 th-rank spacetime electrical permittivity and magnetic permeability tensors of covariant classical electrodynamics shown in detail in the Appendix 1.

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