Artificial Intelligence (AI) is on its way to becoming the defining technology of our time. There are lots of uses and advancements around it that can back up this claim. But if we were to choose only one, that definitely had to be deep learning. This is a tech that's part of a series of machine learning methods based on artificial neural networks capable of mimicking how a human brain works.

As impressive as it sounds, deep learning is growing in leaps with every passing week and it still has a lot of room to improve. In its journey, it's being applied to multiple tasks, from speech recognition to computer vision and, though all of those efforts are amazing in their own ways, there's one that stands out - natural language processing (NLP).

Through it, software engineers are trying to come up with systems able to understand humans in normal interaction. In other words, an NLP-based system could be so advanced that it could talk with a person as if it were human. That's mind-blowing, even without considering what it takes for a machine to rise up to that level - understanding intent, comprehending context, handling semantics and grammar, among many other things.

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