Our fiery red neighbor, Mars, has intrigued astronomers since the 2nd millennium BCE. 

The planet is named after the Roman god of war. It was similarly known as Nergal by Babylonians and Areos aster, or ‘star of Ares,’ by the Greeks.

Even today, it is an essential symbol in many cultures around the world.

Starting in the ’60s, we started using technology to study the planet scientifically. The first successful mission to land on the planet was NASA’s Viking 1 in 1975. Since then, many successful missions have been carried out, which landed rovers on Mars.

We have learned a lot about the red planet, thanks to the data and images captured by these missions. We couldn’t positively identify the existence of life on Mars.

But we did find some interesting photographs that piqued the public interest in Mars exploration. Let us take a look at a few.

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