This UFO stuff is like toilet tissue gummed to your boot heel. It’s hard to scrape off and it follows you around when you try to walk away.

A few weeks ago, a stranger named Syd Young called. Nice guy, 69, lives in Idaho, recently retired from a high-end family boat construction business called StanCraft. Late last year, Young’s brother-in-law called his attention to an Internet video he’d never seen or even heard of: Former USAF Capt. Robert Salas was talking about the nuclear-missile shutdown at Malmstrom Air Force Base during a UFO incursion in March 1967. Young’s brother-in-law said something like “Weren’t you stationed there back then?”

Young was, in fact, with a missile maintenance squadron at Malmstrom, same year, a refrigeration specialist charged with keeping the Minutemen weapons from overheating. All these years, and he never heard of the nukes being wrenched off-line; he thought he was alone in what he did see. But what he saw stayed lodged in his head for nearly 46 years. And it sounded so totally nuts he wanted to reach out to Salas and compare notes. “I can’t help but wonder if there wasn’t some connection,” he said.

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