On January 21, 2013, UFOAM: Today’s Top UFO News caught up with videographer Charles Lamoureux for an exclusive interview that explores his personal journey from skeptic to UFO skywatcher, dream premonitions and connections to mid-twentieth century local UFO history.

A Jan. 14, 2013 television news report from CTV News had featured a mysterious entity flying past a twenty-first story Yaletown balcony as captured in night vision by this seasoned local amateur astronomer.

“I have a great hobby. I love it. It’s astronomy. I have many telescopes. I’ve been doing this for about 20-25 years,” Charles Lamoureux told UFOAM.

Both a registered nurse and a medical industry consultant, the YouTube contributor stated that a diamond-shaped object crossing the sky in front of the moon (as seen through his telescope) was an early sign that pursuing his interest in 11:11-related studies had led him into the realm of something “really strange.”

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