The year 2012 was very active with reported sightings of Unidentified Flying Objects and encounters with strange creatures as well as other mysterious events as reported from residents from across the Keystone state. Pennsylvania has a long history of strange occurrences. The year was filled with observations of triangular, disc, and boomerang shaped objects as well as formations of luminous globes.

Information concerning strange incidents during 2012 came to my attention from 50 counties from across the state of Pennsylvania. I also received reports from the neighboring states of Ohio, West Virginia, and Maryland as well. Many witnesses of UFO sightings, strange animal encounters, or other unusual incidents contact me directly, or report to other independent researchers or research organizations. Some of these sources include Peter Davenport’s, “National UFO Reporting Center”,, the Pennsylvania Chapter of (MUFON) The Mutual UFO Network,, and the Pennsylvania Bigfoot Society,, many of whom I am in contact with.

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