Needless to say, as we were surprised when a few minutes ago, covering a portion of the view published today on our Flickr album, we noticed a genuinely curious.

Give us the honor to present the true "Flower of Mars"!

If the singular formation taken from Mahli in the sol 132 was able to trigger such a stir, it can not be outdone. It must be stressed in fact, that in this case, we are not observing a small detail of a rocky surface but a formation of very different size, recovery from MastCam right of Curiosity.

Unfortunately, we do not know the distance of the target from the rover and is therefore difficult to estimate its size. However, this strange structure, on ' original image , size 30/35 pixels and we know that the right MastCam provides a resolution of 150 microns per pixel to 2 meters away. So, if it were 2 meters high by Curiosity would be about 0.5 cm. But it is undoubtedly further and believe that his height is actually a few tens of centimeters ( ** Update ).

One would think that NASA would send the rover over to investigate this very odd object.  Hhhhmmmm.  To read more, click here.