Henry Paterson has been doing an excellent job in keeping us all in the Bigfoot DNA Drama loop. Well, as was expected, the drama has reached new epic heights. Or should that be epic lows?

Sharon Hill over at Doubtful News has done an excellent job looking into Melba Ketchum’s extraordinary claims. In fact, Hill has discovered some suspicious activity regarding Ketchum’s involvement with the Denovo Journal. Let’s back track a bit.

When geneticist Melba Ketchum claimed to have extensive proof of Bigfoot DNA compiled from hundreds of submitted samples (blood, hair, saliva…) we all listened with curiosity. Then Ketchum went on to say that she and a team of experts had their findings published in a scientific journal after passing through an extensive and anonymous peer review. She had our full attention.

This week, their research finally appeared in the DeNovo Journal of Science. Giving Ketchum and the research the much needed credibility. But then something funny happened. Ketchum’s story began to break down amidst the barrage of questions and accusations that began floating on several Bigfoot websites. People began accusing the geneticist from Texas of foul play and manipulation.

Then, Sharon Hill began waving a huge red flag.

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